Why Mylar Bags Are Perfect for Pet Food Industry?

  • 27 May 2021
  • Posted By : Xperts Packaging

Over the years, packaging has considerably evolved. From cloth packaging made up of jute, wool, or fiber, to the widespread fame of plastic packaging. The world experimented with it all around. Until we finally realized that it might cause us some harm. 

This is when people eventually understood that even though plastic packaging was produced with good intentions, it has consequences too. And at times, pretty harmful. Therefore, there was a swift pivot towards producing environment-friendly products and adding to the ecology overall.

This leads to people shifting towards eco-friendly yet durable ways of plastic packaging. And manufacturers started to invent newer ways of producing quality packaging with respect to the environment.

When it comes to durable and environment-friendly plastic packaging Mylar bag is one of the most remarkable inventions. But what exactly are Mylar Bags and how are they good for storing particular kinds of foods especially pet foods?

Let’s see!


What are Mylar Bags?


Mylar bags are bags made from Mylar film. This film was produced by a company called DuPont. The company produces BOPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) films now officially called Mylar films.

This film is made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). At first glance, this looks like a foil film, but it is much different from it. Mylar film is made up of plastic (normal Mylar) or is lined with aluminum but not foil.

Moreover, it is lined with aluminum which is much less thick than a normal foil.  This is why these bags are very suitable for storage purposes. 


Multipurpose Usage of Mylar Bags


Now that we know exactly what are Mylar bags, let’s look into the multiple uses of them. We mainly use these bags for storage. Depending on the kind of product, these bags serve a multifaceted purpose when it comes to packaging.

These bags are used in all kinds of industries from electronics, to foods to cosmetics, etc.  However, there is one industry that extensively uses Mylar Bags. 

It is the Pet Food Industry!

When it comes to the pet food industry, Mylar Bags serves as a revolutionary product. Here’s why:


Provides Oxygen Protection


 Pet foods are usually the hardest to store because

  1. They need to stay fresh
  2. They expire easily

Therefore, every pet owner or pet food manufacturer looks for a seamless way to store these foods.

This is why Mylar Bags are perfect for storing pet food because they do not let oxygen pass through them. This prevents the food from getting soggy and even bug invasion. Hence keeping the food fresh for a long while.

Once you seal the bag, it will not let any oxygen get into it from the outside. However, oxygen prevention does not necessarily mean, it will suck all the air out of the bag, just the oxygen. Other components of the air may stay inside.


Weather Resistant Packaging  


Pet foods are not seasonal, they last all year long. Therefore, when it comes to storing them, you need packaging that resists all kinds of weather.

Mylar Bags are extremely heat resistant. Bags with normal thickness can resist up to 200 degrees Celsius of heat. However, Mylar Bags that are of 5mil thickness or greater can even resist up to 350 degrees Celsius of heat.

Apart from this, these bags also keep the food stored in cold weather. Therefore, they are extremely weather resistant.


Water Proof


One of the biggest concerns for storing pet food is preventing it from sogginess. To tackle this concern, pet food manufacturers or pet owners go the extra mile in creating a waterproof storage space for these foods.

This not only costs them more but also limits the storage of the food in one place. However, when it comes to Mylar Bags they are completely waterproof. This makes it easier to store pet food products at any place.

Whether you are manufacturing pet foods or using them yourself, these bags help you store the food in a more compact way. Consequently, you can avoid using the large storage containers that take up all the space.


Long-Lasting Storage


The widespread use of Mylar bags is also because they have a very long shelf life. Some people have also reported that Mylar Bags can store food for up to 40 years. As shocking as it sounds if you store the foods in the right way you can achieve a greater shelf life.

Moreover, it also depends on the kind of product you are using. Even so, it does give an average of a few years of storage capacity.


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