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What’s the Latest Hype you ask?! Paper-Based Packaging Materials!

The retail world is full of surprises. From the perfect product to the most suitable material, it all feels like a dream when you go out there. However, it’s all fun and games until you go on looking for the perfect product and forget to focus on the rest of the elements of it.

This is why having complete command of all the aspects of a packaging spree is rightfully essential especially if you have a constant need to stay ahead! However, to do so, you need to have packaging deals that do not hinder your orders every other day.

Additionally, nowadays, there is an added responsibility of having all sustainable products around. So all the while you worry about developing a sustainable product along with eco-friendly aspects, you also have to take into account the need for eco-friendly packaging.

This is where you can’t make your ends meet or may lose yourself in between the process. Therefore, having a trusted partner throughout these processes is what you need to strive through. And for that Xperts Packaging is always here for you!

From packaging materials to worthwhile solutions, we have a wide variety of services for you. Keeping this in mind, here we bring 3 paper-based packaging materials and how they are the new perfect.

Cardboard Boxes

It’s no news that cardboard boxes have been used for ages for various purposes. However, the correct use of these boxes still remains unacknowledged. Moreover, many people think using a cardboard box is completely useless.

Little do they know that these boxes are what holds the greatest capacity and are inherently easy to use. Not only this, products like cardboard boxes are like a blessing in disguise. Wondering why? This is because a box made out of cardboard is made out of cardboard paper. Therefore, this makes this box completely sustainable.

Another reason is that this box is exceptionally durable. Unlike other paper products, a cardboard box is all the hype because of its extreme durability. If you keep a simple box at one side and a cardboard box at the other you will find that the durability of the cardboard box is much higher.

Moreover, when you add your own touch to this box in terms of paint or color, you can always yield better results. Therefore, using a cardboard box is a win-win situation. Additionally, this is the reason, these boxes are also hyped up in the market these days.

Paper Packaging Tape!

Another gem from the paper packing industry is the paper packaging tape. Using this tape is like watching a satisfactory video. This is because, not only are you supporting a sustainable cause, but the looks of this tape are also quite adorable, to say the least.

Therefore, when you add your touch to this tape, you double the chances of sales and eco-friendliness. Aside from this, the paper tape also holds a number of other important aspects in terms of packaging. For instance, this tape offers a smooth packaging process. You can either use it on the interior of any box or on the outside of other products.

In addition to this, this tape provides adhesive goodness as well. Apart from this, if you add some other aspects to it, like personalization or customization according to your requirements, it can uplift your sales.

This is because, when you add your company’s logo or tag line on the tape, it acts as a marketer itself. Therefore, this marks another reason why these packaging tapes are all the hype these days.

Kraft Paper Bags and Boxes!

Not the first addition to the paper box industry but surely an important one. These kraft paper boxes are all the rage today. Why? Because they are;

  • Easy to use
  • Provide aesthetic looks
  • Biodegradable

These are among the many reasons the Kraft paper box industry is greatly thriving these days. In addition to this, a kraft paper bag or box is the definition of impressive packaging. You know you live in a world which is obsessed with ‘the brown bag’. This is why, when you introduce someone to the kraft paper bag, the excitement on their face is evident.

Whether this obsession is due to the hype of social media these days or for some other reason, it is benefitting society greatly. This is why having these bags and boxes is an added benefit to the environment and society.

What Next?

Now that you know what kind of bags and boxes are the hype these days, you might wonder what comes next. The answer to that is Xperts Packaging! At XP we offer a wide range of packaging materials and products that are perfect for retail or company use.

In addition to this, we also offer other aspects that go along with your packaging needs effectively. So, place an order right away and enjoy happy packaging!