Looking to Secure Your Products? Here are 5 Types of Internal Packaging Fillings for you!

  • 2 December 2021
  • Posted By : Looking to Secure Your Products? Here are 5 Types of Internal Packaging Fillings for you!


Every time you think of packaging, you think of the external layer of cardboard or corrugate box that surrounds a product. From the durability that these boxes offer to the aspects of lock and size of these boxes, everything is important.


But during this surge of extra focus on external packaging, manufacturers often forget the need for the most accurate internal packaging materials that are the initial protective layer of your products. The traditional box that you pack your products in, is just protecting them from the outside. At times, products need internal protection as well, even if the box is according to the size of the product.


Especially when it comes to fragile products, such as crockery, electronics, or cosmetic items, a fixed layer of internal protection can save the product from any excessive damage. But what type of protection is the most accurate for your products? Here is a list of 5 packaging fillings that protect your products in the best possible way.  


Packaging Peanuts


The little nut-shaped softballs that fall out of the box when you open something new, are actually packaging peanuts. As soft and fuzzy as they may seem, these are some of the most effective fillings to protect any kind of product.


One of the most innovative and feasible internal fillings is the packaging peanuts. These nuts were originally made from polystyrene, in 1965. However, it was soon concluded that these are not biodegradable and soon a more biodegradable option was introduced in the market.


Using these peanuts is very simple. All you have to do is put some peanuts at the bottom of the box, then place the product. After this, you have to add a few other peanuts on the top, to immerse the entire product in them. That’s it!


Paper Fillings


If convenience and availability confine at one place, it’s in these paper fillings. A paper filing is literally a paper roll that you put inside the empty spaces of your box to protect the items inside it. This particular filling is extremely convenient because;

  • it’s a lot less expensive
  • it’s easy to use


Originally, packing with papers was considered a household norm and not considered much into. However, with the convenience that this product offered, manufacturers started using paper fillings for their product packaging as well.


Additionally, if you use these paper fillings in color variations and shades, you can create a mesmerizing experience for your customers.


Bubble Cushioning Wraps


This one internal packaging material is everyone’s favorite and you surely know why! In fact, for most people bubble wrap is not a packaging material but the alternate of a fidget spinner. Whatever the case, bubble cushioning aka bubble wrap is one of the most durable fillings.


Multiple layers of these wraps can protect any product from damages. Moreover, another benefit of these wraps is that they can also protect your product from any moisture, water, or liquid substances because of their material.


Therefore, this particular quality makes these wraps an even better option for protecting items from the inside. Additionally, another benefit of these bubble cushioning is that you can use it as the final packaging of your item as well, even if you don’t put a box on top.


Cardboard Separators


Although not as durable as the other packaging fillings, cardboard separators are perfect to pack crockery items. This is because, when you pack various crockery items together with a bubble wrap, paper, or peanut, it conjoins the items together and therefore can lead to scratching on the crockery.


Considering this, the purpose of a cardboard separator is to keep each piece of crockery separate from the other inside the box. This protects these items from any excessive scratching and also keeps them tight inside the box.  


Therefore, using a cardboard separator is essential for such products.


Foam Sheet Separators


Foam sheet separators are just like simple cardboard separators but made from foam. These separators are perfect for absorbing any kind of shock. Additionally, when you use these separators, you just take them to the next step with your packaging style. Moreover, the cushioning quality of these sheets can protect your products from any excessive damage or direct trauma.


Therefore, you can easily use these separators as an internal filling of your product.


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