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It’s Thanksgiving Thursday, But oh Snap…!

It’s Thanksgiving Thursday, but oh snap! You have tons of food to prep, bulks of guests to cater, and gazillion things to do. What do you do now?

You prep the food,

Cater the guests,

And complete the gazillion things to do.

But oh snap!

What about the tons of leftover food and goodies you have? What do you do now?

Well, this is where you think you should’ve thought this through before starting everything. Because no matter what, you know you will have leftover food, decorations, and other things that’ll go stale as soon as you forget to store them properly.

But don’t you worry because Xperts Packaging has always had and will always have your back! We have the best packaging materials for all sorts of storage and packaging purposes! Here are things that you need to make sure of this Thanksgiving so you’re the master of your own trade!

Always Plan Ahead!

Thanksgiving is not an unannounced event. You know it’s happening, you know when, so why not plan ahead? This Thanksgiving, instead of looking for random bags and boxes to unevenly store your leftover meat and veggies.

Aside from this, get the right kind of storage bags to store all kinds of food. Moreover, you can also get zip lock bags to keep all the leftovers along with the new food inside. Therefore, get some scrubs and clean your fridge away, because it’s time to store the right things!

Pack Smartly!

Now that you know how to store your food and other things, you have to make sure to pack smartly. This is why you need to keep your items labeled! If you’re thinking you don’t need to label because you can remember all these things, you’re kidding yourself!

Maybe you can, but most probably you won’t, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves and pack smartly. At Xperts Packaging, you can get the most amazing packaging bags and boxes, even with labels as well! You can always choose from our customization options and get ahold of your designs for these bags as well.

Moreover, when it comes to labeling, don’t just label what you put away, but also label the date on it. This way, you won’t have to eat two years old turkey thinking it’s last weeks’.

Get More Packaging Options!

Even though getting packaging bags are perfect for this kind of packing, you need multiple options for your thanksgiving fiesta. Therefore, get boxes, zip locks, and header cards as well, to better organize your food shelves.

Not only food, but you can also use these options to organize other materials for your thanksgiving evening. Whether it’s the decorations or party poppers, you can all store them for your further events in the right kind of boxes. If you get custom corrugate boxes, your decorations can stay put till a few years.

Store only what’s important!

Something that shouldn’t be said and rather done is to store less! Whether it’s your food, your décor, or your gifts, always make sure to store only the important and most necessary items. This way, you won’t hoard unnecessary items and you can also use the items you actually stored.

Therefore, think smart and only keep what’s important!

Save the Wrappings!

Whether you get a gift or you give a gift, always make sure to save the wrapping sheets. But why? Because these will come in handy when you pack your next gifts! Not only this, you can use these gift wrappers for a number of other reasons.

The wrappers are completely wrinkled, you can use them to create confetti or wrapping strings to decorate your house as well. Once you have a wrapping sheet the choices are unlimited.

Use Boxes for Gifting!

Packaging boxes are not only used for packing but are also perfect for packaging gifts. For instance, if you have a small gift like a wristwatch or a ring, you can use small rigid boxes. Moreover, if you have bigger gifts, you can always use corrugated boxes for extra durability of your boxes.

So, use any kind of packaging box for your gifting and entice your loved ones with perfect packaging!

What you can take away!

Xperts Packaging is a leading packaging company with the best packaging options. This is why we also bring the best solutions to the problems of our customers. So, plan ahead this thanksgiving and get smart!