How to Boost Your Customers Unboxing Experience This Fall?

  • 2 December 2021
  • Posted By : Xperts Packaging


It's fall and we all are perfectly ready to curl up beside the fire in our favorite PJs with a book as company. The trees are shedding the past and moving on to a fresh start and it’s the perfect time to welcome new changes.


In this case, if you’re welcoming a fresh start why not do the same for your customers? Why not look forward to giving them something new this fall? Your customers are tired of the same old patterns of packaging you introduced them with a few years ago. Hence, they definitely deserve a change!


Therefore, this fall, enhance your customer’s overall experience with you and give them an unboxing experience they can never forget! But before that, let’s get into what exactly unboxing is?!


Why is an Unboxing Experience Important?!


Picture this, you’ve ordered your favorite eyeliner. You’ve been waiting for it to arrive for quite some time now, and you get a text that it’s on your way. Let’s get to the day your product arrives! The doorbell rings and you know what it is.


As you rush through the door, mid-excitement, mid-nervousness, you get to the door, and there it is your dreams coming true. Your favorite box in the most adorable little box is here! With the same feeling washing along, you open the box, in a mood and all you see is your favorite eyeliner, lying at the bottom of the box, plainly wrapped in a simple bubble wrap.


Didn’t it make the whole anticipation dull down? Wouldn’t you’ve liked something a little more to make getting the product worthwhile? This is exactly why an “unboxing experience” is essential.


Now that you know its importance, let’s get to how to create the perfect unboxing experience for your customers!


Add Some Goodies!


As your customer places an order for their favorite product, it is your responsibility to make their experience worthwhile. And to do so, you can add some little goodies along with their order. By goodies, we do not mean something that may cost you more than you wish to.


Adding even the tiniest yet thoughtful things can go a long way in making a customer. So, think smart and give your customers something to smile at just as they open your box!


Keep An Element of Surprise!


Now that you’ve made a regular customer by sending them sweets and candies with every order, you cannot expect them to show the same level of excitement with every order right? This is why you need to keep an element of surprise there!


Something that keeps your customers wondering what’s coming with their next order right? This is why you always need the element of surprise to remain there for your customers. To make it more interesting, you can also keep a monthly theme of your packaging.


For instance, if you are selling your products during a festival such as Christmas or Halloween, you can keep these occasions as the theme for that month. This is how you can always keep your gifts theme-based.


Sugar Spice and Everything Nice!


Of course, when it comes to packing products in a box, how can you forget ribbons and some confetti right? Whatever the case with your product or order, you can never go wrong with a little ribbon and some confetti wrapped around your product.


With ribbon we do not mean extravagantly starting a whole new party in your box, just something loosely wrapped to enhance the look of your products inside the box.


Apart from this, if you think your product is too sober or luxurious for ribbons and confetti, you can always opt for other options here. For instance, using a brown paper or parchment sheet to pack your products always brings out the best in them.


Therefore, with just a little creativity you can either add all these ideas together or use them one by one to make the perfect packaging for your customers.


Introduce Newer Box Styles!


No matter what you add to your packaging boxes, you cannot always make a good impression unless you do something different every once in a while. This is why introducing newer packaging styles is the perfect option for you!


At XpertsPackaging, we have a wide variety of packaging boxes and styles which will always keep your customers intrigued. From multiple boxes by styles and color variations, you can bring up something new every month for your customers.


Even though the shapes of some boxes do not allow fitting on every product, at XpertsPackaging, we make sure to provide all sizes and shapes of any box style! So, place an order for the perfect box and make your customers’ unboxing experience worthwhile!