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Ho Ho Ho! Looking for the Best Xmas Packaging Ideas? Look no further!

Are you on your phone right now freaking out and frantically running through apps to find the right Christmas present for your loved ones? Well, almost everyone is!

So, now that you know that you’re not alone in this Christmas bandwagon, you need to know something else too. Even if you don’t have the best present in the room, you can always make it better with the best packing of it right? Here are some amazing packaging ideas to get you through this Christmas with grace!

Add Some Christmas Colors!

Red, green, and a bit of white – three colors you cannot ignore at the time of Christmas. So why not use these and wrap your gifts in them? Red is generally one of the most prominent colors, so if you use red for wrapping your gift, your gift will automatically stand out.

Moreover, adding a touch of green with that astounding red will always make your gift stand out no matter what! Additionally, if you want, you can also get a little bold and add colors that are completely opposite such as black and gold.

This tiny shift from traditional packing will always make you stand out in your own way. Aside from this, if you want you can also keep it simple and just wrap your gift in simple plain paper. Because one can never go wrong with simplicity and minimalism.

The “Ugly Sweater” Print to Get You Ahead!

Packaging is one factor of your gift, where you can get as creative as you want. You can either design these boxes to the fullest or you can get them simple and plain. But there is one other way, where you can take your packing train to.

The famous “ugly sweater” print!

Yep, you read it right! This sweater trend started some years ago when people named the Scandinavian sweater print the ugly or grandma sweater. But slowly this print has turned into one of the most popular sweater prints once again.

So now that this print is back in fashion, why not use it to create something even more creative and turn it into a wrapping sheet? All you have to do is get a print of the sweater on a plain white wrapping sheet and Viola! You have your sweater print wrapping sheet ready.

Therefore, getting a creative look on your gift is also easy!

Let’s Get Minimalistic!

All that extravaganza looks great until and unless the person you are gifting is actually a minimalist. In this situation, not only will your packaging look extra but will also adorn your friend with a bit of cringe upon seeing the gift.

So, save yourself the embarrassment and struggle and just get the most minimalistic packaging possible. However, when it comes to minimalism, most people think of dull colors with a matte finish. But that doesn’t have to be true.

You can always experiment with these colors and have a packing box that suits your gift as well. For this, using a mix of plain colors like red or green and white or black can bring out a nice contrast. Moreover, when you use these colors you can always get what is best for you.  

Paint it Yourself!

Nothing beats a well-painted Christmas present with an equally adorable wrapping paper all personalized. Therefore, never lose the value of this gift and get those paints and get started. To do so, all you have to do is get a plain sheet of wrapping paper in any color that you like best.

After this, you have to get a few paints and get started. Moreover, the best option for you here is acrylic paints or fabric paints. The reason for this is that acrylic and fabric paint, both have the quality of looking like embossed paint once dry.

So, whether you want to paint scenery or write a personal message on your packaging, you can do that with these simple tools. Not only will this look great but will also mean a lot to the person you are giving the gift to.

Plus, it also saves on your gift card costs somewhat!

Your Takeaway!

Although these above ideas are enough to get you through any Christmas party acing your gift game, but remember, Christmas is all about celebrating and being with your loved ones. So, no matter what your gift is, never leave a party unattended!

Merry Christmas folks!