Does Packaging Effect Perception Towards a Product? – The Psychology Behind It

  • 27 May 2021
  • Posted By : Xperts Packaging

Human psychology is not an ignorable fact. Especially in this age of pandemics and related phenomenon, it is the human psychology of people that makes us understand the correct responses of people in certain situations.

Similarly in the packaging industry, human psychology has played such a vital role, that it makes it easier for manufacturers to produce accordingly.

Whether it’s the texture of the packing, color, or box, everything plays its own role in shaping our perceptions. This is why it is important to understand the ways that packaging affects our perception while buying a product.   

For ages now, people have judged packaging designs based on their looks. This is yet another example of why we should focus on various aspects when designing perfect packaging.


The Use of Correct Color Pallet


We have all seen mystery movies with a huge red box in an empty room indicating danger or threat. This indicates how much colors play with our perceptual abilities. Therefore the use of correct colors is what presents the right picture of your packaging.

The first thing that a person notices when looking at a package or box is the color it. And the more the color is to their liking, the more likely it is that they will buy the package. Not only this, but colors also hold a lot of cultural perception along.

For example, in some cultures, the color red is considered to bring good luck. While in others it is considered a bad omen. Once a person understands to tackle all these aspects, they are able to get on top of the game.

The use of a good color palette just brings the best out in your packaging without much effort.


The Texture of The Packaging


Have you ever seen toddlers just beam at the subtle sound of a wrapper crackling? Even if they don’t see it, they know it is something of their liking.

This is exactly how much the texture of packaging matters!

When it comes to textures, the more creative and resilient you get, the more ideal it is for you. Textures give your packaging a form of customization. Moreover, you can use embossed, rough, patchy, or smooth.

You can either use the same texture for all your products or keep them different according to particular products.

Not only this, another important psychological aspect that follows the texture of a package, is conditioning. This exact phenomenon can be backed by the example of a toddler and a wrapper. When the child hears the sound of the wrapper, he knows which of his favorite candy is there. This is because feeling the texture of the wrapper over and over, has conditioned him to know the product just by hearing it.

Texture plays such a significant role in packaging.


The Shape and Size of The Package


As simple as it sounds, the shape of a package also holds great importance when it comes to perception towards that product. Imagine a misshapen package with the product loosely wrapped inside it. Such a product, will most likely not attract anyone.

On the contrary, a neatly wrapped, ideal shaped package with an average product inside will sell a lot faster. This is why the shape of a package holds great importance when it comes to selling your product.

Talking about the size of a package may sound absurd because obviously, the package will comply with the size of the product.

Not necessarily!

Many times companies decide to go above and beyond on packaging and create a package that is unique. Therefore, in terms of keeping it unique, this package is either double the size of the product or fits it roughly. Either way, it becomes extremely inconvenient for customers to buy such a product.

In simpler words, no one likes to buy a product that is too hard to carry. Apart from this, packaging which is heavier in size, even pushes buyers away because of the extensive shipping costs.


How to Achieve Perceptual Perfection When It Comes to Packaging?


The above-mentioned information may sound overwhelming at this point. By now, you must also wonder, what should one do to fall under the correct category of perceptual perfection when it comes to packaging.  

Well, in all honesty, there is no such thing as perceptual perfection.

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