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Behind the Box – All that you need to know!

Have you ever received a package and wondered where it came from? Of course from the place you ordered! But where did the actual box in which you got your package come from? If you have time on your hands and nothing much to do, you might have this question in mind. Even if not, let’s face it! You’re here because you were curious right?

Well, well, well!

You’re at the right place. Because we will walk you through the entire process of packaging boxes and how we get them to you!

Fluting the Box!

The fluting of a box is the process of adding that wrinkly cardboard in between the two cardboard sheets to increase the durability of the box – much like lettuce in a sandwich. The process of fluting is in practice since the 18th century. Moreover, to create this effect of a flute, we feed rolls of paper into a corrugate roller machine.

Moreover, in recent times, the B flute has been replaced with the R Flute which is an easier process of fluting the box and also takes up less shipping space. In addition, it depends on the sturdiness of your box because at times your box can have a few layers of sheets called the AB-flute or BC-flute.

If you do it correctly, this process of fluting is very satisfying and accurate. At Xperts Packaging, we make sure to provide you with boxes that are immensely durable but not heavy. This helps in your shipping process as well.


Just like most industries, the production process is one of the most important ones. This is because, at this step, all the magic happens! When your cardboard is all ready, it is time to assemble it into a box at this stage.

Although you may think that assembling the box is not a part of the production process. However, here we mean assembling the entire piece of the box together to form a flat shape for your customers. When the corrugated box is cut, it is time to make the blanks in between the box. For this, the box is cut into large sheets which are called the box blanks.

After this, a bending machine folds the pieces of the corrugate together to form the shape of the box. Moreover, after this, the box is put together with the help of adhesives which are usually glued. However, sometimes when the box is heavy-duty, it is compiled with the help of staples.

This is how during the production process, the boxes are assembled correctly. 


Now that the entire production process of your box has ended, it is time for us to move forward to the designing phase of it. This is hands down the second most important phase after production. Why? Because this is what will get those customers coming.

Just imagine, a customer walking down the aisle of their favorite store, eagerly looking for your product but all they see is dull brown bags. This is why designing is the deciding factor of your sales. Therefore, during this process, you have to focus on all the supporting factors of your box.

These include the box size, the color of your box, and the print you want on it. Once you comply with all these factors, you are good to go. Additionally, when you add your touch to the box, it captivates your customers more.

This is why designing the boxes in your own way pays off well when it comes to selling your product.


You have placed your order successfully, your boxes are ready as ever to hit the stores! But wait, how do they hit the stores? Well, this is where the shipping processes come in handy. Now, when it comes to shipping, there are two kinds of shipping.

The first is the shipping from the production house of Xperts Packaging to you, and the second one is from your warehouse to your customers or stores. In this phase of packaging, the production house i.e. Xperts Packaging is responsible for the first kind of shipping.

Once your boxes are ready, we will ship them to you directly. Moreover, at this step, we also make sure to ship these boxes to you, flat. The purpose of this is to get you your boxes at the least cost. Moreover, this way the texture of these boxes won’t get ruined during the shipping process.


Now that you are aware of the entire packaging process, it is time for you to decide what to order and when. At Xperts Packaging we offer all the right packaging services in the most feasible way possible. So, place your order today and enjoy all the exclusive perks we offer!