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7 Engaging Blogs to follow if you’re in the Packaging Industry!

In a world full of captain Hooks we want to be your Peter! We want you to see the world with your eyes and experience what’s best for you. Although when it comes to packaging, Xperts Packaging should and must be your only source of information we trust our customers like our own. Therefore, instead of possessing your passion, we like to spread your wings wide ahead!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been a part of the packaging industry for a significant amount of time, you always look for all the necessary information before starting out. For this, referring to the right place is important but how do you know which exactly is the right place?

This is where we rush to your aid! In a sea full of packaging blogs and sites, we bring you the best of the best. Here is a list of the most appropriate and enticing packaging blogs for you!

1.      Packaging Digest

One of the oldest in this industry is Packaging Digest. Initiated 50 years ago, this blog started in 1963. Since then, they have been a consistent voice of the packaging industry and massive support for new manufacturers in the market.

From news, ideas to engineering patterns of packaging, this blog offers it all. This helps anyone from professionals to amateurs at excelling in the packaging industry. Not only this, a blog like this also offers peer-to-peer insight that helps companies grow together as a community. Aside from this, their blogs are always a little on the formal side and rich in information.

So, if you’re a person with a direct approach towards things, this blog is for you!

2.      Packaging Innovation by Esko

Packaging innovation is like a breath of fresh air in the technological industry of packing. These blogs bring innovation from all around the world in one place. Not only this, but these blogs also talk about the latest technologies in the packing industry.

Additionally, Packaging Innovations offers all kinds of blogs from the latest packing trends of 2022, to data flows of the printing industry. Moreover, this blog also targets the importance of printing and labeling in the packaging industry. With their simplistic writing styles and topics, the more you read, the more you’ll gain.

3.      Packaging World

One of our favorite go-to packing blogs is Packaging World. From information regarding the latest packing ideas to essential dos and don’ts, this blog is a haven for most manufacturers. Founded in 1994, this blog is a paradise for manufacturers, who buy equipment, materials, and services related to packing.

In addition to this, they also offer case studies, newsletters, articles, and designs about packaging as well. Therefore, it is safe to say that this blog genuinely does justice to its name. Aside from this, one of the most extraordinary features of this blog is that it offers information about machinery related to packaging as well.

4.      Industrial Packaging

As the name suggests, Industrial Packaging is all about the packaging industry. From the latest blogs to information regarding industry-related topics, this blog makes any industry specialist establish their boundaries regarding their orders.

Moreover, as a manufacturer, this is your place, because Industrial Packaging’s main focus is manufacturing instead of designing. This doesn’t mean that designing isn’t a part of their blogs, but they’re more inclined towards manufacturing. Apart from this, they also offer tips on maintaining your packaging machinery as well.

5.      The Dieline

One of the most convenient blogs that aim at uplifting any and every new innovative packaging company. Although comparatively young, Dieline has established its name in the packaging industry in no time!

Not only this, the blog has created certain bounding factors that surround the blog as a whole. Moreover, one of the most attractive features of this blog is its emphasis on sustainable packaging and sustainability as a whole.

With a number of young writers, Dieline is a blog for the younger manufacturer in you.

6.      Packaging of the World

Focusing more on the design factor of packaging, this blog is perfect if you wish to know more about the role of designing in packaging. Packaging of the World is among those packaging blogs that give you all the necessary information regarding the designs of your package.

With this ease, you can always get perfect and innovative design ideas for any kind of product that you offer. Moreover, this blog also offers other grids and design options for you to try.

7.      Xperts Packaging

A little smug, we know! But not to toot our own trumpets, Xperts Packaging is all set to offer you all the necessary packaging information you need. From advice, questions, information, to designs, ideas, and innovative options, we at XP aim to answer all your answers before you even ask them!

Although blatantly new, we aim at finding the right balance between the packaging and manufacturing industries. Our blogs, not only offer creativity but also add to the industry, with correctly researched items!

Finding the best blog is like finding Cinderella’s lost shoe. You know it’s out there, but you know something doesn’t fit right when you try it. Therefore, this was our attempt at getting you the perfect fit. But as the shoe finds its perfect owner only after trying it out, you will also find your favorite blog after a thorough read.

So, read away!