6 Reasons Why Corrugate Boxes Should be an Essential Part of Your Life Now

  • 25 October 2021
  • Posted By : Xperts Packaging

The new decade calls for newer ways and newer inventions. The world was getting used to new tech-friendly innovations, just up until the previous decade. Each day brought a new revelation in various ways.

However, in between these years, we surely failed to understand how to keep the environment safe. We were so caught up in our own discoveries that we didn’t pay much heed to the catastrophes spreading around.

The year 2020 was indeed an eye-opener to payback for all that our ecosystem lost because of us. During this wake, we truly realized the importance of ecofriendly ideas. There was a sudden shift from these catastrophic ways to everything organic.

Among the rise of these eco-friendly and organic products, the use of corrugate boxes also surfaced a great deal.

These boxes are a new era of packaging products. Along with providing strong packaging, they serve a number of useful purposes. Some of these are:


Extreme Durability


The most important thing that a person wants in his packaging is for it to be durable enough to hold the weight of the product. The layers of Corrugate boxes include two sheets of containerboard sandwiched between layers of paperboard.

With at least three layers of sheets, this box is extremely durable and can hold a weight of up to 80 pounds. Apart from this, double and triple-layered boxes can hold an even greater amount of weight.


Low on Cost


Corrugate box packaging is immensely low on cost. Instead of normal cardboard or plastic boxes, they cost very less. Apart from this, they require less labor force as well. This is why using these boxes is incredibly cost-effective.




Due to the material used in these boxes, they are immensely lightweight. This makes these boxes very easy to carry around. Therefore, most packaging companies and places tend to use these packaging boxes.




In the wake of environmental issues, everyone is opting for environment-friendly solutions. This is why these corrugated boxes are the best option. All the materials that are used in the making of these boxes are biodegradable. This makes them even more awesome.


Easy Printing and Customization


Another very essential benefit of these boxes is their easy printing and customization. Getting the right printing is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to packaging. Be it the logo of your company or general printing, it all stays well on a corrugated box.

You can even customize the printing on these boxes without the fear of wasting excessive amounts of ink or staining on the box.




As these boxes have biodegradable abilities, you can also recycle them very easily. Corrugated packaging is extremely sustainable in terms of reusing and keeping fragile products well intact.

Almost all pizzerias in the world use corrugate packaging boxes because it keeps the pizza warm for a longer time and also prevents the box from getting humid. This ensures the sustainability of these boxes.




Whether you are an eco-friendly person or not, you must agree that corrugate boxes have a number of other benefits that make them very feasible to use. However, in order to experience all these benefits, you need the right packaging and box supplier. Otherwise, it will also affect your products and all your efforts will go to waste.

Therefore, instead of waiting to be scammed and crying over a bad experience,