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5 Killer Christmas Gift Ideas for the Visually Impaired!

Thanksgiving has passed by and before you know it, it’s time to light that tree again! The snowcaps are all set, preparations are on the way and all your Christmas dreams are about to be true. Festivals like these are what remind us of inclusiveness, diversity, and the beauty that lies between these horizons.

At such moments, to work on inclusiveness and letting everyone enjoy the fruit of the occasion is all that matters. This is why getting into the Christmas spirit is not just a saying but an actual thing. At Xperts Packaging, we believe in getting into this spirit a little early on, and therefore, we bring forth a newer vision of Christmas gifting your way.

To enhance inclusivity, at Xperts Packaging, we bring 5 killer Christmas gift ideas for the visually impaired. So you can get your friends what they will truly appreciate.

Brailed Board Games!

It’s not always easy to get gifts for people with visual impairment. Especially if the person is a child, you have to think twice before getting them anything. This is where brail board games come into play. Although it may sound unusual, brail boards are a lot more common than you think. These boards are designed in brail language, so the visually impaired person can read them easily.

For instance, Brail Monopoly has extra-large cards with brail printed on them so people can easily read them. The same is printed on the box as well. This allows people with visual impairment and low vision to effectively play. Aside from this, you can also use many other cardboard games in this case.

Audio Books!

One of the most innovative items for blind people is audiobooks! Gifting someone an audiobook is like taking them to a whole new world of imagination with a little twist. These audiobooks are the best thing that can happen to someone especially if they like storybooks.

Plus, they are convenient as well! Therefore, the best thing that can happen to a book lover is this gift. So, get on with the best Christmas gift with your favorite audiobook! Aside from this, these books also help these people stay connected with their educational side of things.

Craft Lamps and Accessories!

We all know being short of vision is not easy, especially if you are interested in arts and crafts, you may see it as the end of something. However, this is surely not the end for people with visual impairment. If you know someone who likes arts and also has low vision, a craft lamp is the best gift for them.

A craft lamp is something that you can keep anywhere while working on your arts and crafts. Aside from this, there are other multiple functions as well that you can perform with this lamp. Therefore, even though simple, this gift is perfect for any of your visually impaired friends.

To complement these lamps, you can also gift them organizers or baskets to keep their accessories inside.

Tech Frenzy Gifts!

In this day and age, there is no denying the fact that technology takes overall. Especially the convenience that it offers is what makes it even more special. Many companies including mobile operators, or overall tech gurus have created a bunch of inclusive products, especially for differently-abled people.

These include smartwatches, tabs, phones, or glasses to aid these people in any possible way. Although a little expensive but these gifts are the most feasible to use and long-term as well. Therefore, get a tech frenzy gift and make someone’s day to the fullest!

Anything with Brail on it!

If all the above-mentioned gifts do not fit in your range or style of gifting, then simply gift anything that offers convenience to a visually impaired person. The best way to do so is to gift them things with brail language on it.

For instance, if you’re gifting them a coffee mug, or a table lamp, a sweet quotation written on it with brail can mean a lot to them. Aside from this, if you are gifting some everyday items or toiletries, you can print the names of each item with brail as well.

These small gestures or gifts may not seem much to you but can definitely make someone’s Christmas.

How Can Xperts Packaging Be There For You?!

Now that you know what your next gift is going to be, you might be wondering how and why Xperts Packaging can come into play. Although we have no direct link with the kinds of gifts you get, Xperts Packaging is sure to work as your trusted packaging partner for these gifts.

No matter what you give your loved ones, if it’s not packed properly, it may take of the gist of it on the first touch. Therefore, make Xperts Packaging your new friend and always give your people a greater adventure in terms of gifts!

So head up to our website and enjoy our exclusive discounts, easy shipping, free functions, and whatnot!