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10 favorite Box Styles – The Ultimate Guide to Your Next Boxed Packaging!

You know when Valentine’s Day is around the corner, there is only one thing your customer expects to get from you, A VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT!

As a manufacturer, you may disagree but this is true especially if you work in the cosmetic, food, or clothing industry. Most of this revolves around the general concept of giving and receiving gifts on this day or simply for some swag, but your customers are surely waiting for you to make their day!

Therefore, what do you do in this case? Most probably prepare a Valentine’s Day line and send it to all your regular customers. This entire process will cost you a few general things, the product you are sending, and a box.

Now for the rest of the things, you need to work on by yourself, but for the box, Xperts Packaging is right here for you!

At XP, we provide a wide range of packaging boxes in all sizes, shapes, and styles. The size and shape of these boxes, you generally choose yourself. But when it comes to the style of these boxes, manufacturers often get confused and/or get the same old box. 

This is where Xperts Packaging will rush to your aid! At XP, we provide multiple box styles, so here is a list of 10 of our favorite box styles for you to choose from!

1.      Custom Pyramid Boxes

Starting from the good ones, Custom Pyramid Box is a perfect box style for sending gifts and other things to your customers. Custom Pyramid Boxes are named such because when assembled their shape is like a pyramid.

These boxes are generally used as wedding souvenirs or goodies, therefore are best to pack a bulk amount of gifts. Additionally, no matter what the size of your product, you can always create a great impression on your customers with these boxes!

Needless to say with pyramid boxes you won’t have to make much effort on your products as well.

2.      1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

If you want to play it safe and are looking for simplicity with style, these 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes are for you! At Xperts Packaging we offer the most exclusive form of these boxes so you can send them to your customers.

Additionally, these boxes are among our favorites because they are extremely easy to assemble and are durable as well. Aside from this, a 1-2-3 Bottom Box has a balanced bottom, which benefits your products when placed inside. Therefore, this is a great go-to box for any kind of packaging

3.      4-Corner Tray Boxes

A 4-Corner Tray Box is one of the simplest yet among the most attractive packaging designs. This box is shaped like a tray and has two side panels in the box as well. These side panels are perfect to add to the durability of the box.

Not only this, if you get these 4-Corner Tray Boxes with lids, they make for a perfect gift box. This is because the lid keeps the box away from any debris and dirt. Moreover, if you want, you can always tuck this display lid at the back of the box and use it as a simple tray box as well.

Hence, the options here are endless!

4.      Hexagon Boxes

Just like pyramid boxes, the shape and look of Hexagon Boxes say it all. These boxes are designed in the shape of a hexagon when unassembled and sometimes also after assembling. This is why these boxes are perfect to use to send your customers your favorite packaging wonders.

Additionally, these Hexagon Boxes are spacious enough to fit your product inside perfectly. If not, the multiple corners of these boxes make extra room in the box to flexibly fit things in it. Therefore, a Hexagon Box is a miracle in the works.

5.      Reverse Tuck-End Boxes

If convenient came in the shape of a box, it will be a Reverse Tuck End Box for sure! These boxes have to open ends, with a reverse tucking end from behind. To assemble these boxes, all you have to do is tuck it from one side and you’re done!

Therefore, if you want to assemble something last moment, you can always do well with these Reverse Tuck End Boxes.

6.      Gable Style Boxes

Gable Style Boxes are another staple in the packaging industry. These boxes are shaped like a gable and offer convenience with style as well. Not only this, but these boxes are also easy to carry and hold in one hand.

Moreover, a Gable Box is specifically used in the food industry. So, if you own a food brand, this is the perfect opportunity for you to send the right product in the right box to your customers. To top it up, the handle of these Gable Style Boxes is designed in a shape that you can easily attach something to it as well.

Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity for you to send a cute card as well!

7.      Telescoping Boxes

One of the latest box styles is the Telescoping Boxes. These boxes may not be as easy to assemble as other ones, but the end results are amazing. A Telescoping Box is a small square-shaped box with a top lid attached to the box.

The reason this box gets this name is that before assembling, it’s shaped like a telescope. Moreover, this shape gives the box double walls inside when it is assembled into a square box. These double walls offer immense durability to the entire box and keep your product safe as well. Therefore, this is definitely on our top boxes list!

8.      Tray and Sleeve Box

Tray and Sleeve Boxes are the most iconic form of tray boxes. They have a bottom tray that holds the product inside and then a top sleeve that slides on top of the tray to keep it in place. This box generally does not need any assembling to do.

All you have to do is slide on the sleeve after putting the product inside and your box is ready. This way, you won’t have to focus much on the product as well. Moreover, on the top of the sleeve, you can use it to add your text or design.

9.      Bookend Boxes

If your customer base is nerdy book lovers, these boxes are for you. Bookend Boxes are shaped like a book, designed like a book, and have a top flap that folds like a book as well. These boxes are perfect to pack heavy products as they have extra flaps to support them.

Moreover, the top flap can be easily used for numerous things as well. You can also add designs on the flap and inside it as well. Once you get creative, the opportunities are endless.

10.     Box with Hanging and Locking Tabs

Another most astounding variation of boxes is the Box with Hanging and Locking Tabs. As the names suggest, these boxes have two tabs that serve separate purposes. One is used for hanging the box, while the other one is used to lock it.

Moreover, even with two locks, the look of this box is very sleek and simple. Therefore, these boxes are perfect if you want to send your customers something stylish yet minimalistic.

These are all the variations of boxes that we at Xperts Packaging love to share and explore with our customers. Choose the ones you like the most and get started!