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Aesthetically Designed Customized Boxes is your Best Investment in Global Market


“What you see is what you get” is an English saying by good old wise people, which should be the slogan of a marketing team. Today’s market trends ask you to be individual and aesthetic, to enhance your visibility. In the pile of products all packed in almost the same boxes with the same theme, nobody will ever pay attention to your product.

Custom Packaging Boxes is a work of art, we need to establish that first, then we can move toward the fact that new and fresh ideas are put forward by the creative minds. Xperts Packaging is the company that provides room for such groundbreaking ideas. We strive to break the monotony.

The modern business model has seen drastic changes it is not just gradual evolution contrary to that there is a sudden shift of interest to the digital market. The fundamentals of online business are quite different from the conventional business model. Entrepreneurs can make their small businesses global with the right strategy.

People will get to know the worth of the product once they buy it and to enhance your reach to buyers, customized packaging is a way to highlight your product. Xperts Packaging has new ideas for packaging and as for customers’ interests; we have devised a way to keep our rates economical and approachable for any vendor.

There are many aspects to consider in the Customized Boxes. The idea of writing this content is to make the potential customer aware of those aspects and their angles. There are so many options, each of which represents different ideas. So it is crucial to have basic information for such a significant decision.   

Make an Elegant Choice for Material

We have quite a vast range of options in stock and every material has quality in grades. The customers need to decide on material according to the demand of the product. Xperts Packaging has a variety of cardboard materials and extensions. Corrugated material, Kraft, and Rigid stock are all extensions of cardboard.

Cardboard Material

Cardboard is sourced from plants and the quality of cardboard depends on paper Grams per Square Meter or GSM. Different units are used around the world to measure the worth of cardboard. To measure the width ‘millimeter’, to measure weight ‘pound’ and both these units are combined in one unit which is ‘point’ or Pt. Xperts Packaging have 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt and 24pt stock available. The difference is between flexibility and girth. Cardboard Packaging are favorably made among this range of qualities. Cosmetic Boxes and CBD Packaging are mostly done using this material. Our experts can further guide the customer on the stock which will be favorable for their product image.

Corrugated Material

Corrugated material is made with a process of gluing together three paper stock sheets, inside and outside is liners whereas the center layer is fluting to provide the shock-absorbing quality. These three layers are glued and pressed together. The corrugated material is finer than simple cardboard stock as it provides a better finish, more strength, and lightweight packaging. The material is best for long-distance shipment as it has more shock-absorbing qualities. Custom Corrugated Boxes also have the options of material quality. The quality of this material depends on the thickness. C-flute is a type that is most commonly used in packaging.

Kraft Material

The popular brown paper stock which is regarded as the eco-friendly choice is Kraft material. The Kraft material has the same source as cardboard but its manufacturing involves less chemical procedure. Like the bleaching process to turn it white is not performed. The Kraft stock is known for its strength, it is also used in manufacturing corrugated material, it provides the layer of fluting. The stock is the favorite choice for Organic Products.  Kraft stock has types which are recycled Kraft and the new Kraft stock. Custom Kraft Boxes are gaining popularity nowadays because of raising awareness in environment-friendly procedures. The raw-looking Kraft stock has its aesthetic appeal.

Rigid Material

The packaging of high-end products is done with this stock. The box which speaks luxury and comfort is rigid. The Rigid stock is in the 60 Pt to 80 Pt cardboard ranges. The name of a stock reflects the quality of the material as well. the flexibility is reduced to zero and girth is risen to maximum level. The products which are expensive and need to be secured are packaged in this material. The style of the box is lid and base style. Custom Rigid Boxes give the smooth finish packaging, they are popular for designer products, jewelry, and cell phones. Rigid boxes communicate that the product is kept in high regard. One of our premium products that are manufactured from rigid material is Candle Boxes.

The brief introduction of the material gives some negotiating points to our worthy customers. they can discuss the details with our customer service representative or our experts for further details. We want our customers to make an informed decision.

Explore some Design Options

There are various styles of boxes that can fulfill our packaging demand but the design that will set you apart from the bunch needs contemplation and creation. The style of box and graphic design are two different aspects of the Box design. Xperts Packaging has fresh brains which have ideas piled up for your exclusive packaging.

Our creative team can give a new swing to the old style and also have the guts to keep the rule book aside and come up with something entirely new and exciting. The styles of boxes that are common and resourceful are Display Boxes, Two-Piece Boxes, Gable Boxes, and Telescopic boxes. There are many other styles individually for the material you choose.

Custom Retail Boxes need to enhance the visibility of the product in the aisle full of packaging boxes. We enhance the appeal by whatever means. If the product needs to reveal itself a little bit for customer satisfaction then a display widow with a PVC sheet is customized for the packaging. The packaging needs to complement the product and we also need to comply with rules for the packaging of certain products. At Custom Boxes, we offer easy and convenient packaging solutions, which win the hearts of potential customers and increase brand loyalty.

Child-Resistant Packaging for pharmaceuticals and chemical products, CBD packaging and packaging for addictive material like alcohol, cigars, and cigarettes, the protocols by the law have to be followed. To abide by the law is the priority of a civilized business. These packaging requirements present a new challenge for the companies. You still have to make it luring for the target customers while following the FDA instructions.

The style of the box is one aspect of design; the next is Graphic design on the surface of the box. The qualified designer knows about culture and what might attract the customer base. The colors and themes have different meanings in different cultures and for different backgrounds. The knowledge is a gem in designing a marketing strategy.

Cardboard Packaging with Logo is the answer to a lot of hindrances in the brand establishment. The packaging can make people aware of your style and your brand name. The placement of brand name, tagline, and logo are a crucial part of the design section.  Large customer flux talks about the product if they like the presentation.

 Creating a name for you among established companies requires novelty. Grandeur could be added to the appearance to make people crave the new element and let go of the old one. Copying the style of huge names will only let their name get bigger. 

The Premium options for Custom Printed Boxes

The next decision needs to be the printing that the customer wants. First of all, printing involves all the elements that will appear on the box. it is not all about colors and words. Xperts Packaging has premium techniques to uplift the whole packaging.

Custom Printed Boxes follow the formats for color schemes and the smooth finish in this digital printing age. The formats are

  1. CMYK:  stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key. The combination technique works with white background and is ideally used for print media.
  2. RGB: The three basic colors, Red, Blue, and green are combined for combinations of choice. For digital sites and websites, this technique resonates more than any other.
  3. PMS: Penton Matching System, it makes the combination of colors for printing. It is the numbering system for color matching.

These formats are quite accessible for any sort of printing. Our designers can guide you further with the choice you make for your color scheme.

Printing also involves the coating which brings out the sophistication in the packaging details. The effect of different coatings can be quite different and it can change the tone of Custom Retail Boxes. Xperts Packaging allows all the contemporary styles of coating.

  1. Gloss Lamination: the lamination that will provide a glowing look to your packaging
  2. Matt lamination: Brings out a softer look and a more natural appearance in packaging.
  3. Aqueous Coating: the state-of-the-art technique to coat using water. It's more environment-friendly and provides a more smooth and high gloss finish.
  4. UV Coating: The coating using ultraviolet rays. It provides a high gloss look and more importantly secures the packaging from scratches and erosion. It also increases the color saturation for a better look.

These coating and their execution techniques require perfection. Xperts Packaging has the artisans and modern ways to apply these coatings. It requires less effort and more smooth results. For more information on the coatings, you can contact customer care and ask for the samples. We provide free samples to our customers for an informed decision.

The other task of box printing is the printing of written material. The brand name and logo need to be reflected individually or they have to be more conspicuous than the rest of the packaging.  The techniques that are very efficient to achieve this end are:

  1. Foil Stamping: Silver and golden foil stamping is a technique where shiny foil paper is put on the writing and using heat, it is stamped on writing.
  2. Spot UV: Application of UV coating on a specific area to make it stand out.
  3. Embossing/ Debossing: A very striking and eye-capturing technique. Emboss means raised surface image while deboss is an indented surface image.
  4. Gloss AQ: gloss aqueous coating on a specific region:
  5. Matte UV: Flat Satin Finish is matte coating. Applying matte coating using ultraviolet rays for a smoother look.
  6. Gloss UV: Clear, smooth coating on a specific region using the UV rays. Provides the shine and glow look for the exact proportion.

The techniques may look resembling you while reading but they have a distinctive finish. Ask our customer care for free samples and decide for yourself the correct packaging style. Xperts Packaging has quite a command on executing all these techniques and creating a unique look using them.

Choose Add-ons in Packaging to give proper respect to your product

Packaging has various add-ons and their varieties can be limitless. The popular add-ons which are often a necessity than an added advantage are described below:

  1. Inserts: Foam and cardboard inserts are common to keep the product in place and avoid the tilting or mixing of items. The inserts have die-cuts according to the size and dimensions of the product.
  2. Die-cuts: The die-cuts are a portion of cutting in the packaging either on the outside or inside. Outside die-cuts are also called windows and with PVC sheets on them, they become display windows. The inside die-cuts are for inserts either for one item or as a partition for more than one.
  3. Perforation: Perforation is tiny holes that can make the tearing easy. Like in tickets the perforated ends make the clean snip.
  4. Hang Tabs: They increase product visibility; they allow packaging to be hung on the wall above the aisle of products.

To provide detailed information on your choice is always our pleasure.

Custom Boxes offers boxes made from 100% biodegradable materials, ensuring utmost product integrity.

Customer-friendly offers at Xperts Packaging

We have a Custom Box Wholesale offer, always available at our facility. It is not for a brief amount of time. we give wholesale rates on stock for our customers. It makes the packaging very easy on the pocket and vendors don’t tend to make bad packaging decisions and harm their brand recognition on behalf of cost-cutting. 

Our next offer is Free Design Consultation. Our experts understand the importance of brand name placement and logo placement. They are trained to increase the visibility of the brand in the packaging. if customer requires some help with this aspect we provide our services free of cost. What are you waiting for? Get an Instant Quote Now!

The third generous and thoughtful offer is a Free 3D mock-up or flat view. We ensure to work according to the demand of the customer but if he needs to be sure we provide free 3D mock-up before the manufacturing. If the customer wants some changes in the pattern or design we appreciate his input and do it according to his will. We don’t want our precious customers to regret any decision after the final product is shaped.

The offer which requires us to stretch our boundaries is this fourth one, Free shipment. We promise our customers the finished product delivered to them safe and sound. The shipment has many hinges, all the effort could go to blazes with wrong stacking or less precautionary measure. Xperts Packaging doesn’t bother the customers with any hinges and delivers the shipment to their address.

Wholesale Custom Packaging with free shipment is a challenging task to achieve while keeping the business afloat but we have carefully devised a way to make it possible. We don’t lag in quality to provide these offers. We deliver what we promise. Our services have generated quite a contented and loyal customer base for us.

You can look at the reviews of our customers on our website. Feel free to send an email at support@xpertspackaging.com and get quality services at an economical price. You can also call us at (888)-716-1078.